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Kylemore Abbey

Booking Your Private Guided Tour of Ireland

We have orchestrated thousands of wonderful tours of Ireland over the years and have developed a guideline to our booking process to assist you with the planning of your tour.

Our Booking Process is just a guideline for you to follow. We are a custom company so we are as flexible as you need us to be in order to make the booking process as seamlessly enjoyable as possible for your party.

Step 1 – ENQUIRY

This is the initial contact phase where you contact us or we contact you. The purpose of this phase is to get as much information pertaining to your tour as possible so we can create an accurate quote based on your requirements. We usually look for the number of people traveling, age and room requirements, airport of arrival and departure, lodging requirements, touring wishes and any activities and events you may wish to participate in.


The quality and accuracy of our quotation is based largely on the information gathered in Step 1. However if we have little information we can create multiple quotes showing all different types of tours and ways to see Ireland. We are happy to work on your requirements until we have a touring itinerary and price that you and your party are happy with. If you require changes please let us know and we will modify until we have an itinerary we are all happy with.

N.B. – We use default tour times on our quotation until we have your preferred times and correct flight details. Our default times are usually 10.00 a.m. morning and 2.00 pm for afternoon. These can be changed on request at any time either now or during your tour of Ireland with us.


Once we have an itinerary that you are happy with in terms of dates, hotels, transport, activities and price we will proceed to make the reservations in your name for the required tour and dates. We can still make many changes after this but we usually like to lock in hotel reservations and our driver guide. Once all is confirmed we will e-mail you the itinerary for approval.


In order to finalize your tour booking on our end we need

  1. The lead name and billing address for your party.
  2. The names of the persons traveling and their room sharing list.
  3. Your confirmed pick up and drop off point for tour. ( Airport / Hotel etc )
  4. Any further changes to the itinerary may be requested here.


Once Step four is in order we request a deposit to secure your tour. This is usually 25% of the tour price unless there are golf bookings in which case it may be more as golf courses require 50% deposit up front. We have a secure online payment portal as well as alternative payment options. We can do single payment or group payments depending on your party requirements.


Final Payment as per Terms and Conditions is due in advance of arrival in Ireland. This again is flexible based on what works best for your party. Once payment is received your booking file is complete and we can process all your confirmed vouchers, itinerary and invoices. We are happy to e-mail you all documentation and our driver guide will have a custom tour pack prepared for your party. All you need to do now is arrive and enjoy a wonderful guided tour of Ireland.


If you are arriving at the airport our host guide will be at the arrivals hall with a sign with your name on it. If you are being picked up at your hotel we will meet you at the Hotel Foyer / Reception. We will give you your guides contact number in advance of your arrival. It also helps if we have a touring contact number for a member of your touring party in case of flight delays etc.