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gourmet tours ireland

Gourmet Tours of Ireland

Gourmet Tours of Ireland

Gastronomic, Gourmet , Seafood, Stout & Culinary Classes.

Gourmet Tours of IrelandIreland is the ultimate foodies destination for multitudes of reasons. The natural produce is among the freshest in the world from fresh caught seafood to luscious dairy and cream.We like to mix it up on our tours from gourmet dining to pubs and hidden hideaways.

A Few Gastronomical Treats are

  • Galway Bay and Moran’s Oyster Bar for Fresh Native Oysters “Edilus”
  • Kinsale for Fresh and very “Fishy Fishy” Restaurants
  • Dublin for Gourmet restaurants and Guinness Store tours
  • Tipperary for Cashel Blue Cheese and Fillet Steak
  • Kenmare, Irelands newest Gourmet Town for a gastro weekend.
  • Galway City for the worlds freshest Fish and Chips in McDonaghs.
  • Cork City for experimental cuisine and French Influence in The Ivory Tower
  • Dingle Bay for Seafood and Prawns and dolphin friendly restaurants.