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Thank You: Your Ireland Stories and Reviews

At Ireland Chauffeur Travel, we have been welcoming clients to Ireland for over a decade. From the start we have worked to create unforgettable vacations for everyone traveling with us – combining professional service with a friendly approach that shows Ireland at her finest.

Since we started our business in Cashel, a lot has changed in Ireland. We have seen a Celtic Tiger boom and the bust that followed – both of which changed the economic landscape of the land. Thankfully, the scenic landscape is as beautiful now as it was then. And one other thing that hasn’t changed is our approach – our clients’ experience of Ireland is at the heart of what we do. It always has been and it continues to be.

Our personalized touch starts in the office when you contact our team of Travel Advisors to plan your dream vacation to the Emerald Isle. Your Ireland Journey starts there and the excitement – for you and us – starts to build. When you touch down in Ireland, that personalization continues on the road with one of our Professional Driver Guides. Our team of Driver Guides make sure to learn what it is you really want to see and will bring you down the smallest boreen to ensure you find it.

Ireland Chauffeur Travel Testimonial Video

Thank you for 500 reviews!

Our clients come to Ireland for many reasons – scenery and craic that only Ireland can offer, genealogy, golf, the Wild Atlantic Way, the Ancient East, castle estates, beaches, mountains, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, wildlife and birdlife tours, breweries and distilleries, honeymoons, weddings and birthdays…the list goes on and many come just to relax.

Whatever their reason for coming to Ireland, they all leave with stories.

Last week, we reached over 500 testimonials on our website. We also got our TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017 in the post (the actual post!). We wanted to say thank you to our clients for traveling with us and telling us your stories. So, we put together this short video of our client’s tales and testimonials.
We hope you enjoy the scenery.

Shane & All the Ireland Chauffeur Travel team