Road trips are May’s favourite thing to do and she has taken some epic trips across various parts of the world – Africa, West Coast USA, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. She reckons Ireland offers some of the best road trip experiences in the world, from the Wild Atlantic Way through to the Copper Coast and the Causeway Coastal Route – recently voted by Forbes as one of the top 20 road trips in the world. The Irish countryside is completely unique and a driving tour of Ireland is the perfect way to see it.

When she’s not hitting the road, May loves to sample new restaurants and hotels – among her favourite is breakfast at the Saddle Room in the Shelbourne, dinner at Dooks in Fethard and maybe a few cheeky pints at the Greyhound in Kinsale.

Australia has a pretty big place in May’s heart – having lived there for 7 years. She loves the lifestyle, the people, their straight-up attitude, the can-do approach to life and the great appreciation they have for nature and the outdoors. The weather isn’t half bad either!

Her advice for anyone visiting Ireland? Adopt a laid back attitude, Ireland runs on its very own ultra relaxed time frame … about 30 mins behind the rest of the world! Surrender to it and enjoy the pace. Also, eye contact and a smile are great currency in Ireland, so don’t be afraid to use them!

May’s favourite Instagram accounts are @thewildatlanticway @ihaveadarksoul and @irelandchauffeurtrvl of course!