Equestrian Trails

There are many unforgettable Equestrian experiences on the island of Ireland. Explore the beauty on horse riding trails and treks, uncovering its rich history, countryside, mountains, and beaches.


Claddagh Ring Workshop

Create your own Jewellery Masterpiece with Silverworks in Dublin!

Whether you are interested in learning a new skill or want to create something in a fun and relaxed environment, this workshop is for you. During the class you will learn to make your own sterling silver Claddagh Ring.

A Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish ring in which a heart represents love, the crown stands for loyalty and the two clasped hands symbolize friendship. In the workshop you will begin with a Claddagh Ring strip and you will learn basic goldsmithing skills to transform this into a beautiful, made to measure Claddagh Ring that you will be proud to say you made yourself.



Loch Ness Cruise

One of the most iconic and world-renowned locations in Scotland, Loch Ness is shrouded in tales and legends of the Loch Ness monster lurking deep in the water. Aside from fascination of seeing Nessie, the beauty and wildlife of the mythical Loch Ness in all its wonder is best viewed with scenic boat cruises.


Teeling Whiskey Distillery

Located in the heart of the historic Liberties, against the backdrop of a city steeped in whiskey history, the Teeling Whiskey Distillery opened its doors in 2015 as the first new distillery in Dublin for over 125 years. Since opening, the Teeling Distillery has won over 20 awards, including “Best Visit in Ireland” at the 2019 CIE Awards and “Sustainable Distillery of the Year” at the 2022 Icons of Whisky Awards.


Rossa Pottery Experience

Create your own Pottery Masterpiece!

Rossa Pottery is Ireland’s oldest handmade pottery – it was established in 1962 by Ned Walsh in a stable at the back end of a pub on Main Street Cashel. Ned then moved this small workshop to where it is still made today by his son Alan and his wife Sarah, right in the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East.

Go back in time to this traditional workshop and create your own family heirloom by visiting them for private one-to-one tuition from Master Potter Alan. Watch him expertly handle the potter’s wheel with ease and then let the clay come to life within your own hands with Alan’s wealth of knowledge for this craft.

Have fun creating your very own art piece while learning about the different stages of pottery making. Your Creation will get fired in their Kiln and glazed, and when ready they will ship it to your home.

Hear their fascinating story of Presidents, Diplomats, and Queen Elizabeth owning their own piece of Rossa Pottery.

See pieces of vintage Rossa in their showroom museum and sit on Ned’s old kick wheel which he made all those years ago.




Aran Islands Pony Trap Tour

Take a trip with Thomas Faherty around the island in a pony & trap, and see the beautiful sights of Inis Mór the old-fashioned way. Pony & trap tours are a family tradition and date back to the 1940s.

You will hear wonderful stories and interesting island histories, all while taking in the amazing surroundings at a picture-friendly pace.  Stops are made along the route to let visitors explore. You can look for seals during low tide and hike up to Dún Aonghasa. But what makes Thomas and his tours so different? He likes to point out what other tourists may never get the chance to see or have even heard about. Like the wormhole.

No matter the length of your stay on the island, whether you wish for a private tour for two or an afternoon jaunt for ten, a tour can be arranged that accommodates your plans.


Kinsale Food Tour

This tour takes in much of Kinsale by food while visiting a selection of local eateries. The beautiful medieval coastal town has much to offer in terms of scenery as well as being know as Ireland’s foodie capital.


Charles Fort

As one of the country’s largest military installations, Charles Fort has been part of some of the most momentous events of Irish history. During the Williamite Wars, for example, it withstood a 13-day siege before it fell. Later, in the Civil War of the early 1920s, anti-Treaty forces on the retreat burned it out.

Charles Fort is a massive star-shaped structure of the late seventeenth century, well preserved despite its history. William Robinson, architect of the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, Dublin, is credited with designing it. Its dimensions are awe-inspiring – some of the outer defences are 16 metres high.

The view from the ramparts looking out over Kinsale Harbour is spectacular.


The Rock of Cashel

Set on a dramatic outcrop of limestone in the Golden Vale, the Rock of Cashel, iconic in its historic significance, possesses the most impressive cluster of medieval buildings in Ireland. Among the monuments to be found there is a round tower, a high cross, a Romanesque chapel, a Gothic cathedral, an abbey, the Hall of the Vicars Choral and a fifteenth-century Tower House.


Lough Derg Boat Tour

Lough Derg Boat Tours are based in Dromineer on the shore of Lough Derg and offer private and scheduled boat tours of this beautiful lake. Lough Derg is one of three lakes on the River Shannon which is the largest river in Ireland and stretches for over 200km. The lake is over 45 km in length and 8km wide in parts with Portumna at one end and Killaloe at the other. There are many other Towns and Villages surrounding the lake to explore. The lake is bounded by Counties Tipperary, Clare and Galway. Our tours are conducted by experts who have a deep knowledge and love for Lough Derg and all it has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the many wonders and history of this great location.


Charles Fort

Charles Fort played a role in some of Ireland’s largest battles, including the Williamite War of 1689 and the Irish Civil War of 1922. Overlooking the Old Head of Kinsale, the fort also offers unbeatable views of the village.

Declared a National Monument in 1973, this is a popular place for day visitors from Cork, especially during summer. Head out early to avoid long queues. Also, wear comfy walking shoes and be careful – the terrain here can be a bit uneven and there are 20 acres to explore.


Blarney Castle

Built nearly six hundred years ago by one of Ireland’s greatest chieftans, Cormac MacCarthy, and has been attracting attention ever since. Over the last few hundred years, millions have flocked to Blarney making it a world landmark and one of Ireland’s greatest treasures.

Now that might have something to do with the Blarney Stone, the legendary Stone of Eloquence, found at the top of our tower. Kiss it and you’ll never again be…


National Opera House


Irish Heritage Park

Evidence of Ireland’s unique and distinctive history is all around us, in the many monument sites and features to be seen across the island. But where can you go to see how people lived? What if you could compare a Stone Age settlement with a Viking Settlement and see how they differed and what they had in common? That was the idea behind The Irish National Heritage Park.