Imagine walking the town, field or land that your ancestors came from in Ireland

There is nothing quite as fulfilling as going to Ireland to trace your roots at the source. Our personalised ancestry tours bring your genealogy to life in Ireland after an exciting pre-trip adventure where you will learn all about your heritage and history while traveling in luxury on your own tour of Ireland.

For many of the extended Irish diaspora around the world, discovering an ancestral connection is a lifelong dream.  For such a relatively small country, Ireland has a long history of emigration, which was often driven by times of tragedy and necessity. Throughout the decades, millions left Ireland by boat in search of a better life in America.

Our experts, who have worked with the team behind the hit TV show “Who Do You Think You Are”, use their expertise and passion to research your family history with you, from the comfort of your home, before designing a personalised tour of Ireland where you can visit your homeland.

Read on to find out how you can start on your special Ancestry Tour right now…

How we plan your ancestry tour of Ireland

Before you arrive in Ireland, we will ask you to share any information you have on your ancestors – names, dates and locations – anything you have will be helpful. Our resident Genealogist will then delve deep into research, trawling through parish and county records on your behalf, many of which are not available online – so it’s like you have someone on the ground researching for you in advance. Genealogy in Ireland can be difficult as huge numbers of records of births, marriages and deaths in Ireland were destroyed during a fire in 1921. Our experts, who are based in Ireland, will check the details of where old family homesteads might be and even, maybe, find a living relative. A pre-tour video call can be arranged with our genealogist so that you can share in the excitement as the details of your family come to life.

Using this information, we will design a tailored luxury tour for you and your loved ones so you can follow in the footsteps of where your ancestors walked in history. As an Irish-owned and operated company, we ensure our clients enjoy a unique, authentic taste of Ireland.  We will use our expertise and passion to bring your family’s history to life.


It's time to begin your private tour of Ireland!

When you arrive in Ireland, you will be met by your personal Driver Guide who will take you on an unforgettable ancestry adventure.

As your tour progresses, we will reveal the information to you and bring you to the places you need to see. After each revelation, we will explain the context of the era, perhaps giving an insight to you as to why your ancestor emigrated.

You will walk the town, field or land that your ancestors came from. You will visit cemeteries and other places that might give you information going further back than you imagined.


What your ancestry package includes

  • A family history review with our genealogy expert
  • Pre-tour video sessions with your genealogy expert
  • Personalised Private Ancestry Ireland Tour Itinerary
  • Hand-picked accommodation
  • Personal Driver Guide
  • Private luxury vehicle
  • Visits to top history attractions in Ireland
  • Visits to local family sites, such as neighborhoods, pubs, walks and cemeteries

Check out our Podcast

Check out this episode of our Podcast, Behind the Wheel, for more information on tracing your ancestry roots. In this episode, we’re chatting with Breda Kieran, a Private Driver Guide with a particular interest in ancestry research. Breda shares with us what it’s like to research your Irish Ancestry, what information you need to start your search, how we can help, what you can expect to find, and what’s the number one mistake most people make when researching their family tree. Breda is passionate about helping our guests find their roots, and she is a joy to listen to, so sit back, relax and enjoy!


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