“Helping to make amazing memories for our guests” is Tom’s favourite part of his job as a Driver Guide with Ireland Chauffeur Travel. He’s been working in the industry for the past 30 years – so that’s a lot of amazing memories Tom! 

Originally from Co Wexford, but now living in Dublin, his aim is to ensure that every guest experiences real Irish hospitality. He’s a big fan of the outdoors and loves venturing off the beaten track into Ireland’s real heart. If you’re a vegan, Tom know all the good spots – Pantri in Dingle being top of his list at the moment. The Titanic Museum in Belfast always proves to be a success with his guests – as it brings the story of the doomed Titanic to life right in front of your eyes, and is loved by all ages. 

We Irish are a chatty bunch, that could have something to do with the famous Blarney Stone – a sacred stone buried in the wall of a castle in Co Cork known as the Stone of Eloquence. They say that anyone who kisses this stone will have the gift of the gab for life! Tom recommends being open to chat to people when you visit Ireland, to talk to the person next to you in a cafe, as Irish people love nothing more than to while away the time talking about the weather, sports, politics or whatever takes your fancy! If you fancy learning a few words of Gaelic, the native Irish Language, Tom recommends downloading the Duolingo App (link) and practice for a few minutes a day before your trip, it will make all the difference!  

“Our Driver Tom O’Toole was honestly our favorite and most memorable part of our trip to Ireland. From his charismatic personality to his vast knowledge of history and all things discussed, he was an absolute delight to be around!”