We have 20 years of expertise when it comes to arranging and managing Small Group Tours of Ireland.

Group travel dynamics requires special considerations which we take into account when making arrangements such as diverse range of requirements and interests as well as using hotels and transport that are suitably prepared.

Our itineraries for small group travel to Ireland are always flexible to allow maximum enjoyment by all the group members whether it be a group of friends with a variety of interests of a family traveling with children who want to experience Ireland on many different levels.

We will give details of transportation, accommodation, activities, sights and events as well as a detailed per person price with supplements in our Full Quotation.

Transportation and Guides

For Small Group Tours of Ireland we take all the stress out of the logistics of group travel using our expert transport, travel and accommodation management service.

We take care of all land arrangements including all Transfers, transportation, accommodation, activities, entertainment, day tours, and individual activities such as golf and group events. We arrange specialist transportation with driver guides for your small group tour of Ireland. We use Mercedes Sprinter Minibus for groups of eight to twelve and Mercedes Riada Mini Coach for groups larger than twelve.

We only use driver /guides with expertise in group dynamics and if you would like a tour driver and touring guide we can arrange this also.


Specialised Hotels for Small Group Travel

We use our knowledge and expertise to arrange suitable accommodations for small groups considering the following:

  • Hotels that have adequate room and facility capacity for small group requirements.
  • Centrally located so individual group members can choose different activities.
  • Different room types and sizes for various group requirements.
  • Hotels that cater for specialist activities and requests such as special events and music nights.
  • Hotels that offer rate reductions and complimentary upgrades for group travelers.

Genealogy and Heritage Tours of Ireland

We have many years of experience arranging family genealogy tours of Ireland and we work with leading experts to enhance your experience as you trace your heritage in Ireland.

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