1. Harvesting Mussels in Killary Harbour

An experience to be ticked off your bucket list, learning to harvest mussels is a truly eye-opening experience. Killary is the only Fjord in Ireland and an ideal location for growing mussels thanks to the unique combination of fresh and seawater which gives the Killary mussel a distinctive sweet flavour. It is here on the Fjord that Killary Fjord Shellfish grow, harvest, grade, depurate and debyss the mussels in their dispatch centre for local restaurants and wholesalers in the West of Ireland. They will also bring you on a farm tour and show you how it’s all done! For more information check out: https://killaryfjordshellfish.com/

2. Sleep Under the Stars

The Forest Domes at Finn Lough resort feature 180-degree transparent walls allowing you to truly immerse yourself within the beauty and tranquility of nature. Each dome features a four-poster bed, electric blanket, en suite and a sitting area with Nespresso machine and tea facilities so you can enjoy a morning coffee to the sound of birdsong. For more info check out: https://www.finnlough.com


3. Explore a Viking’s favourite Surf Spots

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