One of the best way to experience Ireland is on a private guided – or chauffeur driven – tour. Having your own Driver Guide means you can sit back and enjoy the journey, really immersing yourself in the scenery and experience of the locality without any of the stress of driving. Vacation and staycation clients all rave about the experience, especially when it has been their first time on a private guided tour.

One of the common misconceptions about travelling with a private Driver Guide is that they make all the decisions and you are relegated to the, well, backseat! This is not the case at all. Yes, they take the wheel in terms of any stress, driving duties and matters that require organisation. But the rest is all in your hands – you can decide when to start, when to stop and if you change your mind about something that has been agreed, that’s par for the course (even if you are not a golfer!). In fact, that’s what our Driver Guides expect.

“When clients travel with us, they have the opportunity to design their trip with one of our Travel Advisors, tailoring every day to their wishes and interests,” says Shane Leahy, co-founder of Ireland Chauffeur Travel. “We make sure every box is ticked and we love that! But often, when we check in on a client during their trip, their Driver Guide will have amended their plans according to their wishes that morning,” he laughs. “They might have decided to enjoy a sleep-in in their four-poster castle bed. Or maybe the sun was shining and everyone wanted to spend an extra bit of time on a beach. We expect that and that’s the extra benefit of having a pro at the wheel – they’ll even arrange that last-minute picnic for all the family!”

In recent media coverage, travelling with Ireland Chauffeur Travel was described as travelling in a “secure bubble of luxury“. Sounds appealing right? We believe that private travel with a Driver Guide elevates any experience of country in so many ways. However, researching who to travel with can be a difficult process because quality varies in every sector. So, we have written a guide below to advise you on the things that you should look for to help you make the right decision…

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Top quality Driver Guides

The idea of a chauffeur tour is not just to be driven, but to be introduced to the country of Ireland, her people, her dramatic scenery, and her stories.

The literal meaning of the French noun chauffeur (from the verb chauffer, meaning “to heat”) is “one that heats.” Today, thankfully, we do not need our vehicles to be heated in advance. At Ireland Chauffeur Travel, we call your “chauffeur” a “Driver Guide” because that is exactly what they do – they take the wheel and they guide. To hark back to the history of the word, we also know they add to the warmth of all our clients’ experiences. This is the person who gives insights and shares tales, while making you relaxed and comfortable throughout your trip.

All Ireland Chauffeur Travel Driver Guides, for example, know every story and delight that Ireland offers. They are friendly storytellers who introduce you to the magic of Ireland before introducing you to her wonderful food scene; her hidden gems; winding backroads; and local characters. As well as this, they are professional drivers and accredited Tour Guides.

For a quick way to check the service you can expect, see what previous clients have to say about the company’s Driver Guides. Look for glowing recommendations!


Tailored Tours

The best tour companies know that travel is personal. What might be of incredible interest to one person is not something that tickles the fancy of someone else – isn’t that the joy of life?! So make sure to give this attention when you research. Many companies will showcase general itineraries on their websites as a source of inspiration to help you start planning your trip, but only the best ones will have a dedicated team to tailor an itinerary just for you. Make sure they use words such as “tailored tours”, “customized tours”, “bespoke travel” or “personalised itineraries”. Some, like us, might even be able to find you, for example, a luxury rental property instead of a hotel, if that is your desire.

They should also be able to set up special private experiences matched to your interests. For us, this is one of the Top 3 benefits of private touring, so don’t compromise on this! From their website you might be able to see their team of personal Travel Advisors and if not, ask them how they are customising your tour when you speak to them by phone (always try to chat by phone!). It is also worth checking testimonials so you can get an idea of how happy past clients were with their personalised tour.


Safety First

Private travel is often considered to be a “luxury.” In today’s world, we consider an important element of luxury to be safety. Travelling in Ireland means touring in a safe and welcoming country. Your chauffeur or private guided tour operator should add to this experience, by recognising that the quality of their vehicles is of paramount importance.

Ensure their fleet are from reputable brands, such as Mercedes and Range Rover, and that they are modern. The company should be able to tell you about their strict policies of safety checks and maintenance. We recommend that you do not compromise on safety and security. A recent media article said travelling with Ireland Chauffeur Travel was “travelling in a secure bubble of luxury”. That sounds right to us!


Local connections

“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.”

Of course it is possible to tour Ireland and visit only the best-known attractions and sites. In fact, you’d still probably be wow-ed by the splendour! But what really makes travel extra special is meeting people on the way. The top private guided or chauffeur tour companies are best placed to introduce you to some of these people in Ireland. At Ireland Chauffeur Travel, we believe this ethos is as important for the brilliant people who work in our tourism industry as well as our clients who have the opportunity to enrich their travel by being part of it. Therefore, we have a portfolio of local people who we love to introduce to clients – from sheep farmers and artists to storytellers and sports stars.

Ask any private tour company you contact about the local experience providers and tourism partners they recommend.


Covid-19 Protocols

A key benefit of private travel is that you can tour in a safe bubble. All reputable private tour companies should have their Covid-19 protocols in place and we recommend that you ask them to send them to you if they are not visible on their website. Irish companies should also have the Government-endorsed Covid-19 Safety Charter recognition. This badge of approval demonstrates to domestic and overseas visitors that our business can operate safely; is committed to the health and safety of clients and staff; is trained in this area; and is happy to be checked by authorities without warning.

For example, Ireland Chauffeur Travel has strict protocols in place for clients, Driver Guides, vehicles and the Office team. We share our protocols publicly here as well as internally abiding by a more comprehensive list of checks and guidelines. We welcome any further questions and any company you choose to travel with should do the same.


To travel in your own “secure bubble of luxury”, call us today on +353 62 67051, toll-free 1800 329 9138 from the USA or enquire here.

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