Ireland is the land of the horse.

Ireland’s horse heritage has developed from folklore, legends & High Kings to a place where the story of the horse is embedded within the Irish DNA. Ireland’s global reputation as a leader in the breeding and racing of the Thoroughbred is long established. Visit the land of the horse, get behind the scenes & let Ireland Chauffeur Travel introduce you to the humans and horses responsible for our world-renowned Thoroughbred Industry.

The Thoroughbred

Historic Curragh Racecourse

Since the Irish began telling stories, horses and horse racing have been at the heart of the Irish culture. Legends tell of mythical warriors like Fionn MacCumhaill racing their horses across the Curragh plains in County Kildare. The enduring question has always been who has the fastest horse?

The quest for the fastest horse began in the 17th century. Breeders looked to the deserts of the middle east to breed speed and agility into their heavy hunter horse. A hybrid was created capable of both speed and endurance, this would be known as the Thoroughbred.

The quest for the fastest horse continued. The foals of carefully matched stallions and mares were bred for speed and stamina. With human and horse working together the thoroughbred industry flourished.


The People

Invincible Spirit, Irish National Stud, Ireland Chauffeur TravelThe Irish have used their unique, historic connection with the horse to excel. People, combined with the Irish temperate climate and limestone rich soils make Ireland the perfect nursery for breeding and training the best racehorses in the world.

Testament to the skills of Irish people and Irelands natural resources, some of the industry’s most successful breeders including Coolmore, The Aga Khan, The Irish National Stud and many more have chosen Ireland as their home.


Royal visit to the Irish National Stud | Ireland Chauffeur Travel Immerse yourself in the center of the world racing industry.

Travel like royalty through horse country in our luxury chauffeur driven fleet. Horse racing is known as “The Sport of Kings” and Ireland truly does it well.

A very exclusive tour, our “Sport of Kings and Queens Tour” was recently inspired by the royal visit to Ireland and to our own hometown of Cashel, otherwise known as “Cashel of the Kings”. The equestrian links between the British Royal family and Irish Thoroughbred industry is no secret and we are so excited to offer you the opportunity to travel exclusively in their stately tour footsteps.

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