St Brigid’s Day is Ireland’s newest public holiday and falls on February 1st. It marks the beginning of spring in the traditional Irish calendar. It is an important festival for rural ancestors as it ushers in a new season of hope and growth after a long, dark winter. Spring into Ireland and plan your private guided trip of a lifetime today.

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So who is St Brigid?

St Brigid is Ireland’s only woman patron saint. She was born in 451 AD and is known to have helped spread Christianity in Ireland thanks to the many miracles attributed to her.

One of the most famous miracles attributed to St Brigid, and the one most-often told on Lá Fhéile Bríd (St Brigid’s Day), is how she secured the land for which she went on to build a convent. It is said that St Brigid founded a monastery in County Kildare in 470 AD by pleading with the King of Leinster for some land. Granting St Brigid only the amount of land that the cloak on her back could cover, the legend tells that the cloak covered the entire of the Kildare Curragh Plains. Almost 5,000 acres!



St Brigid Crosses | Ireland Chauffeur TravelHow St Brigid’s Day is celebrated?

Ireland has celebrated St Brigid’s Day with a number of firmly-held traditions including the making of the St Brigid’s Cross, a unique cross made from fresh rushes or reeds which children are taught how to make in school. The crosses are then hung in people’s homes, where they are believed to bring good luck and prevent fire and hunger of those inside.

Throughout Ireland St Brigid’s Day is now celebrated with many festivals which include diverse, spectacular and culturally rich events. Some of these events include light shows, music performances and food trails. The day represents the beginning of Spring and the sign of new life. Discover this wonderful time of year on our ‘Spring into Ireland’ tour.

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