Why is it called Bloomsday? How did it originate? What happens on Bloomsday? … all your questions are answered below!


Every June 16th, fans of literature gather to celebrate Bloomsday, marking the events of that day in 1904 as depicted in James Joyce’s groundbreaking novel, *Ulysses*. The name comes from Leopold Bloom, one of the novel’s central characters, whose day-long journey through Dublin is chronicled alongside the experiences of Stephen Dedalus and a host of other figures.

Bloomsday festivities are diverse and vibrant, including public readings, theatrical performances, reenactments, guided tours, art exhibitions, lectures, and even a film festival. A particularly charming aspect of the celebration is the Edwardian attire worn by participants, featuring the straw boater hats once favored by Joyce himself, as well as the bowler hats associated with Bloom.

This celebration draws Joyce enthusiasts and literary aficionados from around the world. In Dublin, Bloomsday is a major event with nearly 100 different activities, attracting thousands of visitors. Its unique combination of literary homage and cultural celebration makes Bloomsday a truly singular festival.

More information on this festival can be found here: https://www.bloomsdayfestival.ie/


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