Visit Ireland in August and September to experience warm, settled weather and sunshine. August sees average highs of 18°C/ 64°F and average lows of 11°C/ 52°F. September sees average highs of 15° C / 59° F and average lows of 9° C / 48° F.

Ireland in August and September offers long days, which means it’s a fantastic time to visit; with 14 -16 hours of daylight each day, there is lots of time to see plenty of things! Sunrise can be as early as 5.30 am and sunset can be as late as 10 pm.

What to pack?

Light layers, comfortable shoes for walking, a light rain jacket (just in case!) Sunglasses and a hat … a cardigan or sweater to throw over your shoulders in the evening is always a good idea!

What’s on:

In August and September, there are lots of festivals in Ireland, including:

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