We are delighted and proud to confirm that the Ireland Chauffeur Travel team has completed the Covid-19 Safety Charter.

What is the Covid-19 Safety Charter? 

The COVID-19 Safety Charter is a Government-endorsed initiative to reinforce confidence in domestic and overseas visitors in tourism businesses. The COVID-19 Safety Charter is designed to give comfort and reassurance to our guests that our business can continue to operate safely. 

In signing up to this charter, we are demonstrating our commitment to our clients and staff’s safety and health, and agree to the following: 

  • We agree to follow the recommended cleaning and safety guidelines. 
  • All Staff has completed hygiene and safety control training. 
  • We are subject to being spot-checked. 

You can found out more about our Covid-19 protocols here 

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Covid-19 Safety Charter | Ireland Chauffeur Travel

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